What You Should Have in Your Bag: Summer Edition


What’s in your bag?

Is your bag’s content “always prepared” or “going with the flow” ? I know sometimes we don’t even know what to put in our bags. So, we end up overstocking our bag which makes searching for items hard/ makes your bag heavy. Don’t worry I got you. I will be talking about the basic things you need to have in your bag so you don’t overstock or understock.

  • Lip balm : So that your lips stays moisturized
  • Hand cream: So that your hands don’t stay ashy after you wash them or anytime during the day.
  • Sanitary pads (Ladies) : Just incase you miscalculate “aunty Mary’s” monthly visit.
  •  Compact mirror
  • Compact hand sanitizer: To keep the germs away
  • Snack and Gum: Snacks is for the hunger. Whenever I have early morning classes, I always forget to eat because those extra minutes of sleep matter to me. Then I get to class, my stomach starts to rumble so I just keep a granola bar or some biscuits in my bag just in case. (it is so embarrassing when my stomach rumbles). I have gum in my bag because I have a very sweet tooth so I would rather just stick to one thing than get tummy ache from too much sweets.
  • Hair tie: If you don’t like your hair touching your neck. There are sometimes I get tempted to cut my hair because it keeps touching my neck. Or your hair keeps getting in the way, just wrap it up. The hair tie keeps those thoughts at bay.
  • Small tissue pack

You should the paper wrapped juicy fruit. The taste lasts longer than the tablet one. (just saying)

DONT FORGET YOUR WALLET (I would hate to be you when I get to the cashier)

I hope this little post has helped.

Till nxt tym

Rouge studio.

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