Reina Del Caribe Vol.1

Hey beauty lovers,

I just got my boxy charm for june. The only thing I was excited about, was the Alamar cosmetics eyeshadow palette. It retails for $28.00. So, I am going to be doing an eye tutorial using the palette. Since it is an eye tutorial, I am only going to be talking about the products I used for my eyes. I will also be reviewing it as well. So, stay tuned!

Product used

Eye brushes: eye brushes

Eye lid primer: Maybelline concealer

Concealer:Maybelline concealer

Tape:Elf line and define tape

Eye palette: Reina Del Caribe Vol.1

Eyebrow pencil : Elf instant lift brow pencil (shade deep brown)

  • After filling my eyebrows with the Elf brow pencil, I used the maybelline concealer with a concealer brush to clean the edges.
  • Then I applied and blended my concealer all over my eye lids waiting for it to set.
  • I blended the shade called TRÒPICO above my crease until it was showing. I had to apply it multiple times thus it is a buildable shade.
  • Then I applied the shade GUANTANAMERA in my inner crease area. I only had to apply it once for it to show on my skin and it is such a nice color.
  • After applying the second shade, I tried applied CAFECITO to outer lid area but it was not showing at all so I gave up.
  • Then I applied VARADERO to the middle of my lid. This is my favourite shade in the palette. It was so pigmented and beautiful. When applying this shade you can spray your brush with fixing spray before you apply or you can just dab it in the area you want it to be. The shade stays in place. It doesn’t have any fall out.
  • Applied LA COSTA to my inner lid area then EL MALECÓN to my brow which didn’t turn out the way I wanted but I could work with it.
  • Spray with your fix spray.

P.s. For those that did not understand my inner lid, outer lid thing, I have included a picture that shows the eye demarcation I was talking about. Know that I got this picture from GOOGLE thus IT’S NOT MINE.

Hope you loved today’s post.

Till nxt tym

Rouge studio.

Comment below what you loved about the Alamar cosmetics palette.

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