Review: The Nyx puff lippie

Nyx has always been one of my favourite brands ever since I started using makeup. Mainly because of their lip products and eyeshadows. Their lip products are always so smooth, has no cracks and last for the whole day. They have very nice colours. So, when I heard they launched the powder puff lippie (reminds me of Powerpuff girls). I knew I had to try it.


 The powder puff lippie retails for $12.99 at shoppers drug mart. The package was very deceiving in the sense that, I expected the product to be quite bigger than what I found inside. I felt the price was a little too much for a product as small as the lippie. The lippie was small and light but I was not disappointed by the product’s quality. It was smooth, no creasing and it felt like I had nothing on my lips which is a good thing (because I hate feeling like there is something on my lips). I didn’t need much to build it up. I only had to apply it twice. The lippie puff did a good job of spreading the product evening on my lips. In general, I loved it but I would appreciate it if the lippie was a little bigger considering the price.

Comment on how you felt about the lippie.

Till nxt tym.

Rouge studio.

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