My first fabfit fun box

The fabfit fun box ad has been popping up on my Instagram feed for quite some time now. So, I decided to order a box and see what it was like. Everything in the box is worth $375.00 but I only paid $40.00 since it was my first time. I love the fact that fabfit fun has their own magazine. The magazine has a to-do list to keep you active if you are bored and need to do something fun.Let get to the fun part then; Reviewing the products


The necklace will go very well with my neck.

The eyeshadow is pallet is magnetic which I love by the way. It gives me the opportunity to rearrange the eyeshadow colours according to my preference. The eyeshadows are pigmented and have fallouts. The highlight is very beautiful and fits my skin perfectly. The darker colours need to be applied twice for it to show.


Next, the anti-wrinkle + energizing eye mask.

I love how the packaging has an extra protection layer so that nothing will affect the masks during transport.


The mask cost $16.00 on its own. The mask has a cooling effect and feels very strange at first. I don’t really have much to say about the mask since I am not a very big fan of masks. I did not really notice that much difference in my under the eye. But my under eye feels very firm.

The AHAVA hand cream:

A funny thing happened, when I got my package from the mailbox, the hand cream was frozen. It gave me the winter effect of the box. I had to wait for it to defrost before I could use it. It feels very smooth and moisturizing. It also smells nice.

The BB Dakota PONCHO:


I have always wanted a poncho. The poncho cost $70. So, it was a really exciting moment for me so I only have one thing say about it. I LOVE MY NEW PONCHO. The magazine also has different ways you can style your very own poncho.


The socks feel comfy for a cold winter night. The sock cost $19 per pair which is a bit much. But I guess it depends on the quality, not quantity. They feel very soft. It feels good to sleep in something so soft.

The mug cost $16. Which it is an okay price. I mean I don’t mind buying a mug for $16.

The only thing I have a love-hate relationship with is the FFTV Fitness ball by Jillian Micheals. It is because it reminds of working out which I hate.

At the end of the day, I might be ordering the fabfit fun box again. If I feel the need to try a bunch new products at once. The fabfitf un box is definitely worth the price.

Till nxt tym.I

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