Little korea


Little Korea is a small and cosy restaurant on Ellice Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba. At first, I was sceptical because I have not had the best experience with restaurants in general. But I was pleasantly surprised about this little restaurant. The waiter was friendly and patient. My friends and I practised our Korean language with her ( from all the k-dramas we have binged watched) but we quickly switched back to English. The prices were reasonable. I paid $11.95 for a plate of marinated pork(spicy) with sides of kimchi, sweet potato, and an unlimited supply of cold water. My friends ordered the extra spicy meal with resulted in us finishing 2 jugs of water and 2 cans of ice tea. If you do not like pepper, do not order the extra spicy meal. Overall, it was a great place for my friends and I to hang out after 3 races of go-karting @speedworld. So I will give it an 8.5/10.

p.s. you guys should definitely try it out.

Till nxt tym

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